Monday, November 4, 2013

Kastor and Pollux: FW 2013

Photos by Bianca Venerayan 

long time ago when I was still filming my street style web-series Je Suis TV, I spotted a girl on queen in the most amazing red patent leather (Chloe) boots I had ever seen! That's how I met Danielle Roche of Kastor and Pollux, Canadian fashion designer / blogger / street-style star. She and Bianca Venerayan are internet famous for pairing up their outfits much like the Gemini twins their line is named after.  It seems only fitting that they would take their sartorial know-how to the drawing board!

They've been working hard on their most recent line, and although small (only 8 pieces, the possibilities are almost endless!) Check out this GIF for the mind-blowing outfit combinations:

GIF by Kastor and Pollux