Friday, June 28, 2013


I threw my very first house-warming party with my boyfriend, and we decided to go BBQ.
We tricked out our backyard with mini chandeliers, pink geraniums and gingham from the Dollarama across the street. I also stopped by Crate & Barrel for these awesome beer can holders:

We didn't end up using them, but I'm sure I'll get the chance for them this Canada Day weekend! 

I nabbed this white bistro set from home depot for a teensy bit of extra seating. (also doubles as a fortune telling table)

Hostess-with-the-mostess romper. Perfect for taking disco beer induced naps in while your S/O entertains guests. 

My awesome friend Jess brought these doughnuts in, of which I ate 4 in secret. They work well for Canada day parties too, since it's our national food. The rest I quartered up for my guests like a truly selfish sugar monster. 

End the night with some Tarot cards. Trust me, it's definitely a polarizing party trick when everyone's engines are running low at the end of the night. Be prepared to be accused of witchcraft. 

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