Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloweiner 2012 : Suzy Bishop

I'm a big fan of Halloween, specifically home-made costumes. Every year, my friends try to think of topical yet obscure costumes, and always have me giggling about something inappropriate. Last minute as usual, went as Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom, since I already had most of the parts for a Wes Anderson type costume, and totally nabbed the idea from a friend who had chosen something else. Can Mr. Anderson please take up fashion design? Maybe creative fashion direction?  I would invest.

I thought I did a great job on my costume until I searched the hashtag #SuzyBishop on Instagram and saw how many other girls were killing it! Binoculars and stuffed kittens are a must. Also, I just couldn't seem to get her angsty stare down. My face is made for making goofy expressions.

An instagram of a polaroid, aka blur city.

I spent most of the night explaining my costume by saying, "are you familiar with Wes Anderson?"
I picked up my dress between fashion shows last week at the eaton centre's Forever 21, my collar was a home made project from a fashion shoot a while back, hat and socks from American Apparel, loafers from Nine West (I didn't have time to find saddle shoes!). The bag was a gift from my boyfriend's mom and the earrings were salvaged from an old Topshop chandelier pair that turned into Suzy's beloved fish hooks from Sam.  The makeup was super easy; blue eye shadow applied messily with thick black cat eyes on top.

The first eve of Halloween (I went out two nights, big mistake), I bumped into my friend Brittany who totally nailed Suzy's bird look!

The jealousy is real. She looks amazing!

And now, I leave you with this gem I saw on Twitter from my friend Stefania.

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