Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Nicolas, you're breaking my heart.

L to R SS13, FW12/13, SS12, FW 11/12, SS11, FW 10/11, SS10

As almost everyone already knows, Nicolas Ghesquière is leaving Balenciaga after 15 years of service. I couldn't be more upset! His Motorcycle bag was my very first (and last) designer handbag purchase, and that was only after I spent the summer of  '06 making poutine and freeze scraping gum off chairs at UWO's The Spoke Club. I minimum-waged my way to a supple red leather bag, which is now a little worse for wear. I broke a stud while dancing like a maniac, and replaced it with an actual piece of hardware. For SHAME!

Alexander Wang is set to lead the brand next, but do you think he's up to the task? I've seen a few negative reactions, but Wang is still a young designer.  He certainly has the accessories background for it. Hello, glow in the dark shoes!

I'm excited to see what G's own line will look like! Fingers crossed!

I've grabbed my favourite look from each season from latest to oldest, but not the pre-fall or resort looks, I'm not really into carpal tunnel.

L to R FW 09/10, SS 09, FW 08/09, SS 08, FW 07/08, SS 07, FW06/07

SS 06,  FW 05/06, SS 05, FW 04/05, SS 04, FW03/04, SS 03

 FW 02/03, SS 02, FW 01/02, SS 01, FW 00/01, SS 00, FW 99/00

Does anyone remember these green khaki karate pants (circa SS'02)?! Most comfortable pants ever, I got a knock off  pair from Old Navy, back when it was good.

SS 99, FW 98/99, SS 98

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