Friday, November 23, 2012

The First Rule of Wearing White

Don't do it. I always learn this lesson the hard way.  It all started when I scored a new Moon Apparel dress for 25% off at their pop up shop (go. now.). What a sweet dress! I can wear it to Vegas! I can wear it for work! I clearly wasn't thinking of the stain consequences. 

La dee dah! I'm out the door, off to work for an on-site project, maybe I can bike there! Wait. Check bike seat first. Crisis averted. Next obstacle: Lifting dirty boxes becomes a challenge when I can't support them with my pot-belly. Luckily for me, this dress is pretty much wrinkle resistant! 

Feeling accomplished that I spent the whole day without gaining a single unsightly stain, after work I went to my friends house to discuss our new online store venture, Moonrise Vintage.  Not going to lie, I was really excited to show off my business partners the newest dress in my collection paired with my Pamela booties

Third obstacle, food! We picked up churrasqueira Portuguese chicken with hot sauce. Delicious and deadly, especially with white. Deciding to avoid heartbreak, I took off my dress and ate in my slip. Hey, we're among friends! After dinner I decide to put my dress back on, thinking I was in the clear. 

Then it happened. We were giggling and listening to old youtube videos, and I SPILLED RED WINE ALL OVER MY NEW DRESS. I wanted to cry.  

Gracious Alexandra lent me some clothes, green cargo pants and a navy tee, only for us to make fun of the Giant Tiger ensemble. The girls couldn't stop laughing when I said that I looked like the bus driver from South Park.  This is what happens when you ruin white clothing. Instagram to come soon.  

the Iconic Mrs. Crabtree

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