Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kirna Zabête for Nine West

Kirna Zabete Bandeau Ostrich shoes $129.00USD

I am a shoe fiend. I really don't know where to put them all. When I found out that these feathered shoes from Kirna Zabête were going to be happening, I knew I had to get my hands on them. (Street style photogs at Toronto Fashion Week, you will not be able to deny me!) There's definitely a WHAT factor about them, if not a little boudoir. I actually set an alarm on my phone to remind me to get on to the Kirna Zabête website this morning to beat the pack, and it paid off! Canadian shoppers can get a hold of this collection at 

Check out more shoes from the collection after the jump!

The most stressful part of my morning was deciding on a colour (I have a pretty great life). These red ones have a real POW impact to them, but I know I'm going to treasure the tried and true black pair that I nabbed.
These black strappy sandals also caught my eye, but they're only available on Nine

These little blue guys don't come out until July, but they remind me a little of the shoes from The Row's latest show!(PSST. KZ Make red please!) 
Who are the ladies? We're the ladies.

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Last but not least, a cute little video of the minds behind Kirna Zabête! Check it out to see the rest of the shoes coming out in the next six months!

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