Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've recently become obsessed with goniochromism, oil-slick or all things iridescent. I'm not sure if it started when I saw this H&M sequin skirt (and only did not buy because my butt is simply too bootylicious), or if it was Derick Chetty's Kenzo runners or Amanda Lew Kee's FW 2011 collection. It might have even been the spontaneous Greta Constantine show at WMCFW. Whatever it is, it takes me back to elementary school: snap bracelets, hologram sticker collections and My Little Ponies  (Update, my sister just reminded me that it was a love of salmon skin, which I thought I could seal in resin and make jewellery out of it. Gross!)

It's season-less, futuristic and fun. Obviously, I've been pinning the crap out of it

Welcome to the dark side: 
Lto R: Jil Sander SS2010, ALK FW 2011, Kate Moss in Iridescent film, and Givenchy SS2010, plus Tupac's Coachella appearance, Princess Leia, and this guy

Go towards the light with ethereal and opalescent fabrics: 

L to R: Chanel SS12, Blumarine FW 12, Theysken's Theory SS12, a Blumarine Boot, and some Dannijo earrings.

Google is my best friend, obviously, and taught me something new today:
The word iridescence is derived in part from the Greek word ἶρις îris (gen. ἴριδος íridos), meaning rainbow, which in turn derives from the goddess Iris of Greek mythology, who is the personification of the rainbow and acted as a messenger of the gods.
A little Greek mythology never hurt a trend that looks so magical! I'm in love. 

Being the magpie that I am, I will hunt an item down until I've found the original, the inspiration and affordable options. As soon as I find the perfect piece, I'm jumping on it! Here are some suggestions for fellow trend seekers: 

Green Iridescent wrist-wallet, Nine West $50.00 CAD

I must have these Margeila boots. If only they were at the H&M collaboration! via GONIOCHROMISM

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