Thursday, November 15, 2012

MMM x H&M: The Pre-Shopping Party or a lesson in self control

Photo of Toronto's Silent Parade, via @H&M's instagram

The world has been anticipating the Martin Maison Margiela collection with H&M for a little while now, and I was ready to participate. I booked 2 days off of work to line up overnight, but to my luck, starting a fashion blog has its perks. Namely, being invited to the pre-shopping party.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be doing any shopping. I really hate trying to find what I want when insane shoppers are shoving me into well-known stylists, socialites and editors so that they can grab the last size 6 in the lucite heel. Thank God no one knows who I am.

Please don't mistake this little blurb for a hating of H&M's designer collaborations, because they're great! It's more of a personal account of observing crazy shopaholics who covet things for the sake of a label rather than something that they like, or even suits them. DO YOU REALLY NEED 5 CANDY CLUTCHES?

With a line up going around the corner, and shoppers grabbing up 5 sizes of each piece, I found myself quickly questioning our constant need to absorb fashion capsule collections. Most people were grabbing things as if they going to die without them.

I'm not saying that I would be less greedy given the chance (or a better spot in the lineup), only that I wouldn't be trying to sell it on Ebay after I found my purchases. To the man who let me touch 1 of his 4 candy clutches, Thank you for making me realize what I can live without.

Congratulations to those who found what they wanted! You are far tougher than I am. I'll be jealously "liking" your Instagram pictures for the next week.

Turned off as I was by the shopping fiasco that was the pre-shop, I took a little trip to my favourite store ever on the way home. Do I need to say it: duh, it's Joe Fresh. Which is basically a designer collaboration shop all year round! There's no pushing, shoving or bulk buying. Just enjoying! I nabbed a orange toque from the runway as to calm my designer collaboration desires, for a fraction of the price of one of the pieces left in the aftermath.

Hey. I'm still a little shallow. But stress free.

                                  My new hat! $29. I look like a keebler elf.                                             The Joe Fresh FW12 runway piece.

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