Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Bling Ring : Most disappointing movie of the summer

You know when you're really excited to see a movie, so much that, you get your friends amped up too? You talk about it forever, and when the time comes to see it, it doesn't hold up? I did this to my friend Lauren, and it was so embarrassing. As in, I'd look at her every time something "kind of" funny happened to gauge her reaction. At least the air conditioning was awesome.

My anticipation for the Bling Ring didn't ruin this movie for me, it ruined itself. All of the best parts were in the trailers. Maybe it's just what we're used to these days, quick editing and fast transitions with snappy, charming and witty characters. Unlike Coppola's earlier films that are heartbreaking and visually interesting, this movie was making me feel embarrassed for the characters.

I don't understand how it got 61% on Rotten Tomatoes. Are reporters afraid of Sofia Coppola? Really?

The only scene I enjoyed was the robbery of Audrina Patridge's house, which slow panned in while the two main thieves Rebecca and Marc whizzed around the glass cube of a house like a couple of rats in a maze.

Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton both have protested this movie (which made me want to see it more), for "ethical" reasons, but they really should have just seen it and told us how bad it was going to be if they didn't want us to watch it.

I'm going to stick to sci- fi flicks for instant movie watching gratification. Pacific Rim is out, and their mindless monsters actually look interesting

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